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Wednesday, December 06, 2006

The Rock

...of Cashell is just a short cab-ride away from Tipperary. This natural formation (on which, obviously, a castle was built) was where St. Patrick explained the Trinity using a shamrock back in the day. Who said it's a difficult concept?

The Rock of Cashell

St. Patrick's Cross

Mike's note: Tim took like 100 pictures of this thing. Kept saying it looked like him, like maybe whoever carved it used someone in his family as a model. I knew that was bogus, but I went along with it. After all, I couldn't blame him for being a little jealous. The name "Carroll" could be seen all over Ireland; but we didn't see "Daniel" anywhere. I say if it makes him happy, let him think what he wants.

Inside the chapel at the Rock of Cashel

A familiar face at the Rock of Cashell graveyard. Travelling emphasizes the meaning of Catholic: universal, the way Christ said it would be.


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Nice pictures! Are you coming home soon?

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